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What If I Need Additional Time In The Studio?

We are always happy to accommodate you with additional studio time if it is available. If there is nobody scheduled in the studio directly after you, we are happy to extend your booking at the regular hourly rate. 

Please remember that when booking studio hours, you must take into account the number of hours it takes to set up and break down all your equipment. All equipment and crew members must be cleared out of the space by the time stated on your booking. 

How Can I Cancel My Studio Bookings?

Bookings may be canceled or rescheduled 3 days (72-hours) in advance. No last-minute cancellations or changes will be honored once you are within 72-hours of your booking. You are not eligible for a refund or store credit if you do not notify us 72-hours before your booking takes place.

Please keep in mind that when you reserve studio time in our calendar, you are blocking off that time slot so that nobody else can use it. Therefore, we expect your fullest commitment to this time slot. Please make sure your crew is aware of the importance of being present and on time.

A processing fee will be deducted from any booking that is canceled.

How Many People Are Allowed In the Studio With Me?

There are no exceptions for these limits. 

  • Studio M - Limit of 10 People - If you exceed 10 people, each additional person attending your production must pay $15.00 for entry.

  • Studio P (Expansion) - Limit of 15 People. If you exceed 15 people, each additional person attending your production must pay $15.00 for entry. Again, no exceptions.

If you need to exceed this limit, please contact a Margre Studio Manager in order to make the necessary arrangements to keep everyone safe and happy.

What Items Are Restricted In The Studio?

The following is a list of items that are prohibited inside any of our studios:

  1. Powdered Paint, Chalk or any other flour-like substance. These types of materials get stuck inside our equipment and cause internal damage over time. 

  2. Paint of any kind.

  3. Open flames or equipment that produces high heat. This includes cigarettes, smoke bombs or any type of fireworks or candles.

  4. No liquids. (Beverages and refreshments are okay as long as they are not placed on or around our infinity wall or equipment).

  5. Glitter

  6. Silly String

  7. No oil-based liquids or materials such as fake blood, slime or cake frosting.

  8. No unlicensed and/or loaded firearms, knives or weapons of any kind.


If you absolutely need to bring in one of these items for your shoot, we may be able to accommodate you by taking the proper precautions. Please call one of our studio managers at Margre Studios ‪(213) 973-2512‬ to discuss options. If you are unsure if an item is prohibited, please give us a call to our main office.

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